File getting heavy, & getting hanged

My file in Silhouette is freezing after turning on the open poly. on every new file, kindly suggest me how can i correct this

Can you provide steps to reproduce or project that displays the issue?

Actually, the project is confidential
But if I turn off the open poly from layer then it works fine but if I turn on the open poly layer it starts behaving weirdly, I use open poly for hair details & all

All open spline types are working for me.

Please send me a reproducible project that exhibits the problem. P.S. I don’t need your media. (933.0 KB)
Kindly take this file, & help me

The project is working for me. Can you provide reproducible steps using your project?

can we have a screen-sharing session? or maybe you share your discord username so we can get connected over there?

@mjalvindra I don’t dispute that you are having an issue. Rather than a screen share, can provide steps to reproduce with the exact project you sent? For instance, open Layer 3, activate visibility on B-Spline 8, drag timebar and Silhouette crashes. We need to reproduce the issue before it can be fixed. Thanks.

When I Draw an open poly, the file stops responding, or if I have to work on the file then I have to hide that particular layer to work. but when I turn all the layers on to take render then is freezes

Hmm, I am unable to reprroduce on my machine. If you create a new project and draw an open shape, do you still have an issue?

this happens almost every time, I have 2 computers happening on both, after a certain quantity of roto poly & open poly it start hapenning

OK, then feel free to do a screen capture of the whole screen at a high enough resolution so I can see which shapes and layers you are working with.