File is corrupted or unsupported

Hello I am new to mocha ae and the forums so I appolagise if I should be posting this in a already existing thread.

I am trying to take my AE project and transfer it to Mocha AE for facial tracking. However when Mocha AE opens I just see a blank settings box asking me to import footage. When I try to import the footage it says the file is corrupt or unsupported. The files play fine so I don’t think they are corrupt.

I have looked around and I think my issue is I do not have quicktime. I am on Windows 10 and I see quicktime is no longer supported on Windows and has various vulnerabilities. So I’m am worried about installing quicktime. If I could get some insite on this I would appreciate it.


I understand I could convert it to an image sequence as a work around but that is kind of the last option I want to do.


  • Cody

<p style=“text-align: left;”>Hi. Please mention which version of AE you are using?</p>
<p style=“text-align: left;”>I suggest you to Try to re-install AE.</p>

For mocha Ae specifically your only option is to either:
a) Install QuickTime (you can install only QuickTime essentials if you’d prefer to reduce the vector for security vulnerability)
b) Convert to an image sequence

Or you could upgrade to the mocha Pro plugin, which reads footage directly from the timeline instead:

This removes any format incompatibility.