Final cut pro 10.3.4 and BCC match move 10.0.6 not working together?

Having just installed BCC Fx Plug 10.0.6 and trying the Match Move functions (including Corner pin). Tracker analyses properly (leading to a green tracking line in the video window and a green bar in the bottom), but after the track has been analysed and the “Tracker Analysis Mode” box is turned off… nothing happens. The Foreground Placeholder does not follow the track, or the Corner-window does not follow a 4-corner track (as they should be, according to Youtube tutorials of some time ago). Is this a compatibility issue?

Hello Michiel,

The primary workflow you describe does seem correct - as such, the best thing would be for us to take a look at this directly. There would be two ways to initiate this – First you could create a quick example using a single clip and a single overlay graphic/image, and email the project, clip and image to me to test. The other option would be to connect systems via TeamViewer; I am not sure as to what time zone you are in relation to us (Boston/EST), so I am not sure if this will work better or not.

Either way, you can email me at and we can correspond from there as how to proceed.

Thank you.


…. and I have just uploaded a screen capture of a MM test (performed on my imac) on a short clip, to the Dropbox folder. Again, as you will see, the tracking appears to go OK but the foreground placeholder does not follow the tracked path.

best regards,