Find/Replace on Object list names?

I’m doing a morphing job where I’m copying the “B” shapes from one Morph node into another Morph node, so that I can use the B shapes as the new “A” shapes for the secondary morph to another image.

All my shape objects are named “eye-L (B)”, “nose-L (B)”, etc. When I paste these objects into the new Morph node, I’d like to quickly rename all the “(B)” labels to “(A)”. Is there a way of doing this en masse, rather than one at a time?

Also, is copy/pasting shapes into multiple Morph nodes like this even the best/proper workflow for morphing between more than two images? I have a feeling there’s a more elegant way of doing this that doesnt involve copy/pasting, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

I would suggest not adding (A) or (B) in the name. When you paste shapes into a new Morph node, they are assigned to either the “A” or “B” roll. You can then select all of the shapes and click the Roll button in the Object list to change from A to B or B to A.

As far as copying/pasting shapes into multiple Morph nodes, there isn’t a more elegant way of doing that.

Thanks Marco.

I guess I was naming the objects themselves with “(A)” and “(B)” because it was easier for me to quickly differentiate between them in the Object list (see attached), since thats what Im typically used to in other apps, and also because of the big gap I had between the object names and the Roll icons in the list, which are too far away for me to quickly scan with my eyes.

A couple of things…

  1. The Object List window can be resized horizontally so that it is not too large and the shape names will be closer to the icons.
  2. See the Multiple Filtered Object Lists tutorial on page 288 of the User Guide. You can set up 2 Object Lists–one filtered for A Roll shapes and the other for B-Roll shapes.

ah yes! I forgot about that multiple Object List trick…that works even better! Thanks for the reminder.

I dont suppose there’s a way to name the individual Object Lists, so that it;s easier to know what each list is filtering without having to click on it?

Sadly, no. Good suggestion though!

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The Object Lists can’t be renamed, but you can place them side by side so you can see them both at once.

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