Finding the name of Lens Flare used?

Hi, in this video i put a blue lens flare on the right headlight, I liked that so want to put the same on the left but can’t find the name of the one i put on the right, neither in the Parameters or in Edit lens flare.
is there somewhere that says which i used on the right?

The actual preset name is not stored in the Parameters window. However, the selected preset is highlighted in the Presets window. Please note that you can just copy the first lens flare node and paste it to use as an exact copy and then reposition it over the other headlight.

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Hi, sorry no highlight in the Presets, that’s what i looked for first thinking i could just scroll down to see but copy & paste worked, thanks :+1:
No highlight in the copy tho either, so i still don’t know which i picked.

I am not sure why the preset is not highlighted for you. This is working on my machines.

Maybe i clicked off it while i scrolled down looking for it

When i click on a Preset it does highlight, then if i click on the space between the scroll bar & the preset, sometimes the highlight stays, sometimes it goes away depending on where in that gap i click,
I must have clicked in that gap by accident.

Ah, if i click on a Lens Flare preset, adjust it or do whatever i want flicking back & forth between Node & Presets at the bottom the highlight stays, but then click on the Tracker, then back to the Lens flare the highlight has gone away,

Same for if i copy n paste,
if i choose a flare in one node, copy that then paste, the new node has no highlight & the highlight in the orig has gone away

would it be hard to put a box naming the Flare selected in the Parameters tab or on the Edit Flare pop-up, or a tick box on the one selected, so whatever happens it can be referred back to if needed?

We’ll see about retaining the preset highlighting after a node change.

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Thankyou, :+1::+1: for me it’s the same with all the nodes with Presets, once you click away to another node the highlight is gone when returning to it