First Shot Breakdown (temporary link)

Woot woot! I am now an official owner of Mocha Pro.

I know you have a Vimeo channel that I can tag later, but this isn’t completely done or out there yet. Wanted to post it temporarily here to show Mary and other users how quickly one can get up-to-speed with the basics of Mocha. I’ve only had Mocha for a few weeks. Nothing Hollywood should be worried about, but I think it came out pretty good.

Thanks to Mary for your help on these forums and for all the great videos you make!

PW: movie

Really nice work! If you can get permission to share it, we’d love to put something like that on this year’s reel. I am so glad you’re finding mocha easy to get up to speed on!


OK so here’s a link to the public, final spot using the New York shot with the movie screen. I also added a “mocha” tag to it as well.

Thanks, that looks great! Nice work, Alex! :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing that!