First-time tracker here! advice needed on workflow design

Hi! I’m working on my first track ever in Mocha AE CC2018. It is an amateur clip taken outdoors, a media person videoing a county sheriff’s deputy conducting a routine traffic stop, and then two additional deputies joining the fray. The clip is just over 9 minutes. The quality is poor, (I think - I’m unschooled on video tech, just speaking as it appears to my own eye) and the shake and bounce and careen is bad! I am tasked with simply blurring out all footage that could identify the faces of ONLY the three Deputies, and the footage of the police cruiser vehicle with the identifying county printed on the side – only the county name in the top half of the driver’s side door. There are a couple very short views of the identifying county near the rear license plate also. There will be multiple tracks almost throughout.

I understand the breaking up of the clips and locking in Mocha AE … what I would like to know is how to approach this workflow. Should I convert the clip first? (it’s a Quicktime .mov btw) … I guess basically just in your professional opinion advice on the best way to go about the task. I wanted to attach the clip for you, but it is large, almost 1Gig so not sure if you could accept that … I do have a first run I completed 100% in after effects with the masks - terrible, but much smaller at 300MB, and should give you enough of any idea of what I need to do. Please advise if you need the footage.

I’m a blank slate and really appreciate your time and sharing of your expertise! Thanks!!!

Hi there,

As long as it is a Quicktime that mocha can read, there’s no processing necessary. For clips mocha can’t read, convert it to a TIFF sequence or PNGs even if you don’t have the space for TIFFS. Then simply roto and track the parts you need to blur out.

Once complete, export the shape data as spline data and paste it into After Effects using edit> “paste mocha mask”, you can then blur that layer on top of your shapes.

It is very straightforward, but make sure you watch the getting started with Mocha series to learn how the tracker and rotoscoping work. Boris FX | Videos


Cheers back at you Mary! That was super-fast and simply stated! I’ve already watched a lot of your videos - thanks again for being so generous with your time & knowledge!

Happy to help! You may need to roto people and objects that pass over the objects you are blurring on another layer in AE, but it is not strictly necessary. It just provides a cleaner look.

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