Fit surface to screen in roto node?

In a Silhouette roto node, is there a “fit surface to screen” function like in Mocha?
I’m having issues with Transform>match move… plate doesn’t line up by default.

By default, the Surface is set to the boundaries of the image. If you use the Planar or Mocha trackers with a shape selected and no layer present, the layer that is created when you track will automatically set the Surface to the boundary of the selected shape.

You can also use the Set Surface in the Actions > Layer menu to set the Layer > Surface controls to the boundary of the selected shape.

To reset the Surface back to the boundaries of the image, you can use the Surface > Reset icon in the Object parameters window.

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I want to align with the “screen space”, not the layer.

pic 1 : in this example, i’m trying to freeze frame the reflection in the window of car on a dolly shot.
The insert frame is frame 30, so i have a hold node set to 30.
I start tracking from 30 back and forth.

pic 2 : I reset the layer surface… and use insert transform.
It is not aligned, even on layer 30?

pic 3 : difference math node shows how layers are not aligned even though they are the same frame on timeline.

PS… I also have these issues in Paint node, but we’ll get to that :slight_smile:


I’ve been looking at this and can’t seem to reproduce it. I initially thought it could be a mismatch between the session size and the footage size, but looking at how the Surface is aligned, there’s distortion there so it can’t be that. I have a couple of other suggestions:

  1. Is there any data in the Corner Pin parameters? Try resetting them too.

  2. Is there any frame where the Surface aligns at its reset values? What happens if you remove the layer’s Matrix data? Does the Surface return to the edges of the frame then? If do, does it work when you retrack the original shape(s)?

Hope that helps,

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Hi Ben,
Not sure what was broken, but I built it again with fresh nodes and it seems to have fixed it.
I’m a big fan of your training videos, very clear explanations.

I’m going to try to recreate my paint/transform problem…
(source and input transforms do not match when using source match move.)

Thanks very much for your help.

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