Fixed Frames not sticking

I’m struggling with the stabilization module. I’ve got a good track, but when I try to use stabilization, I’m unable to add fixed frames. I can hit “+” under frame list, and the timecode pops in, and the frame resets. But if I add another one, it loses the previous allowing only one fixed frame at a time. What am I doing wrong?!

Mocha Pro, AE

I can’t repeat this on my machine. My fixed frames are fixed. We will have to test this and I’ll let @martinb know. Thank you.

also - Mocha Pro AE 2020.5

If my video layer in AE does NOT start on frame 1 of the source clip, fixed frame does not work. Also, even if my layer in AE begins with the first frame of the source clip, any in point in mocha (on a layer OR the timeline) disables the fixed frame feature, only allowing me to input one fixed frame.

So you are using timecodes as opposed to frames?

I was. I changed it t frames. Working now.

Ok, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll make sure a bug is filed so it can be addressed in future.