Fixing/Locking A Light Source In The Video Clip

Ideally, I would like to simulate a fixed light source in a video; by affixing the light source to a given area, even when the video clip pans off screen; the goal is to simulate an actual light source shining on a subject in a scene. For example, I can seem to accomplish this pretty effectively using the Sapphire Lens Flair effect - because of a very convenient option called “Mocha Uses Hotspot”; that I can track to a Mocha Spline that I have created that remains fixed in an area. When I do this the lens flair is locked into place throughout the video like a real light source would be in reality.

However, with other effects, take for example, the Continuum Relight…or Continuum Light option that creates a gobo effect, there doesn’t appear to be a capability to do this; the only thing offered is the Pixel Mask which I can’t seem to figure out how to get the Continuum Relight source to remain fixed in space using Mocha tracking data I have created before; instead the Continuum Relight just moves around within the video and looks totally fake because it is not fixed in space like a real light source should theoretically be; however I can lock the Sapphire Lens flair effect in place because of the option “mocha uses hotspot”, in the Sapphire Lens Flair effect.

Is it possible to lock an effect in a given location in the video using Continuum Relight or Continuum Light (so as to simulate a fixed gobo),? Pixel chooser doesn’t seem to be able to do this - if this is possible what is rough step by step for this using Mocha? Also, it seems a convenient option if Boris Fx could put into their effect options a similar capability like, “Relight uses fixed location”, or “Gobo uses fixed location” so this could be done by creatining a spline in Mocha and then locking it in place after the fact; but maybe I am just completely wrong and am doing it incorrectly to begin with

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

The “BCC+” filters do not yet have the Mocha parameter tracking feature that is part of the original BCC filters. As of Continuum 2022 the BCC+ filters now support Mocha mask tracking, but parameter tracking - such as driving an offset point - is slated for a future update. For the time being you could use BCC filters such as BCC Lens Flare 3D or BCC Spotlight which would support tracking the offset.

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Thank you so much for the response and help I really appreciate it and love your products