Fixing slight wiggling in turning drone shot

Filming longer aerial shots like this one often comes with some wiggling like seen here. I got some small improvements out of simply tracking the castle by drawing a rectangular X-spline layer around it mid track (due to the fog at the beginning), tracked it forwards and backwards for everything except Mesh, did this in “Large Motion” and then stabilized it on X and Y translation without Maximum smoothing. The attached clip is the result from this. It’s playing sped up to amplify the slight wiggling I’m talking about – final result is planned to have some sort of speed ramp on it.

Do you have an idea how I can further try to improve this?

Can you try maximum smoothing but set a full frame in the frame list at the beginning and at the end and see what your results are?

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Hi Mary

I haven’t learned yet about adding frames to the frame list and looked it up thanks to you. Works like a charme! Added maximum smoothing as well.

I just tried to make a quick export to show the really nice result with the speed altered to 500% in Premiere and it looks like this removed the Mocha rendering. I had to go back to Mocha, resave the existing project and then rerender the project in Premiere to get the smooth result back that I achieved with your help. Should I probably nest clips when done with Mocha before further messing around with them?

Anyway, here is a screen recording of the result (unfortunately not perfectly smooth because my machine can only do so much :slight_smile: )

Thank you,

I’d definitely next anytime you encounter issues. It can do a lot to eliminate problems and conflicts. Glad this worked for you!

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