Flicker fixer

Hi, when i film in my shed the fluorescent lights flicker on the camera, I’m going to change them for LED’s but this sometimes happens filming in peoples houses,
I use BCC Flicker Fixer - Default TemporalSmoothRGB as it seems to work well :+1:

but I have a few choices

I’ve read the instructions in Help :exploding_head: some of it is a bit beyond me.
so do you have any simple advice ? I would normally be using MP4 3840 x 2160 8bit AVC files from my phone.

This is before & after with BCC Flicker Fixer, for me & viewers on YT it’s fine but i just want to know maybe a little more about which setting for preserving quality… which would be your first choice to remove the flicker, ?

Hi Gid,

I find that Frame Analysis generally delivers a cleaner result than the Temporal Smoothing options. The Flicker Fixer filter is ideal at solving auto-iris flicker - it’s basically drag and drop when used in that mode. Fluorescent light flicker is a more difficult problem to solve, and the Flicker Fixer filter has a better success rate with some shots over others. If you can provide me a link so that I can download the original source shot for this I’d be happy to see if I can improve upon the result that you achieved and if so then I can just share with you a preset.


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Hi, this is that orig file, I tried Analysis but i couldn’t get it to work much, (prob user error) but the next one along Default TemporalSmoothRGB seems to work quite well so don’t put yourself out for this, not knowing much about this fx I liked that as that Default worked i didn’t delve much deeper. therefore i don’t know much about the other presets,
Thankyou, :+1::+1:


PS. I do notice on the end of the ply box i’m lifting nearest the camera & my hands etc. there seems to be a bit of blurring, that’s the main reason for this post :+1:

Thanks for sending this along, Gid.

I had a quick look at it and found that Temporal YCC seems to produce a nice clean result at default settings. I’ll spend some more time on this tomorrow and send an update but I think Temporal YCC looks pretty good on this shot.


Yep just tried that, it removes the flicker but doesn’t blur the image much & doesn’t create the stepped ghosting if that’s what it’s called :+1:
For a long time until i bought Boris i just ignored it but decided to pay it some attention n learn to fix it, so thankyou for your time,

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Always here a a resource to assist as needed, Gid.

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Thanks Peter always appreciated,

It just so happens today someone else posted a request for a good plugin that would fix flicker/banding on their video , as i’m trying to get in that flicker zone a little at the moment i tried his file with my Boris filters, i can’t really make any improvements to it without blurring the image,

This is his orig on Google Drive, it’s not a big file but it’s not mine so if you don’t have time no worries, :+1:

a copy on YT so you can see if it’s worth trying :wink:

Hi Gid,

I downloaded the clip and worked with the BCC Flicker Fixer filter on it in AE and I’m sorry to say that unfortunately this is one of those shots that falls outside of the reach of the current version of Flicker Fixer. I might suggest using Neat for this type of flicker reduction.

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Thankyou for trying :+1: nice to know it isn’t just user error on my half :+1:
RevisionFX Deflicker was mentioned but that isn’t cheap.
PS, downloaded the trial of Neat, a quick play but that doesn’t seem to remove the lines either, could def be user error there tho & maybe because it’s the Trial, i did get a warning about frame size…