Flickering in Remove patches

Hi there! I am trying to remove small marks on a turning head. I want to use the remove module. i tracked everth nicely, and made 10 cleanplates. now … when I render inside MochaPro (AE-Plug) the results are fine. BUT when I go back to AE the removed patches start to flicker bright/dark. Can I render the removed result out of Mocha directly? didnt work so far. :confused: any ideas? working in 32bit, linear AE timeline. THanks for ur ideas! … I am using 2 instances of mocha on 2 seperate layers in AE (left side/right side of the head)

I am going to tag @martinb so we can do some tests, however, please render the whole timeline in Mocha and then go to file>export rendered clip to render out your Remove. You can render these out as frames for highest quality results, I recommend TIFFs or EXRs.

If the flickering is in your Mocha rendered remove, likely the problem is remove roto shapes not enveloping the marks enough.

What version is this @till ?

Can you try this:

  1. Open your problem project file
  2. Go to the comp and open Mocha GUI
  3. Close Mocha again
  4. Purge the AE cache
  5. Preview the timeline

If this works, it’s probably a colorspace initialization issue for clean plates and is being fixed in the next version.

You can test this fix if you join the beta. Let me know if you want to join.