Flickering issue and unable to select file and tool bars?

I just download the free Standalone Particle Illusion, I am able to insert effects into the window, however when I try to go to tab Files, Edit, View etc It causes a flickering, and also I am unable to exit full screen mode. I had to Alt Tab to be able to close the software. Is this how Stand Alone version suppose to be like? What am I suppose to do to have full program control?

The flickering is not normal, and you should be able to utilize all of the menus.

Do you have multiple monitors, or just the single screen? I don’t think we’ve seen any problems when it’s a single monitor before.

Yes, Im using two monitors, how can I fix this?

Try moving the Particle Illusion application window to the main monitor, then ensure that you are not using the software in full screen (maximized) mode. Please let us know if this resolves the issue for you.


There are no way for me to minimize the screen or maximize it, as I turn on the software, it automatically locks goes to full screen, trying to click the File tab causes flickering that that cuts off my ability to click on anything.

it appears you’re correct on the two monitor, my other monitor doesn’t display the software, but as I set my mouse on the task bar of the software, it displayed as have two, I had to close one of them to be able access the software properly. How can I adjust the software to the main monitor?

I may have resolve the issues. Because I had two monitor, the software had interference with it some how, it showed up with two icons on the taskbar, I closed one and it manage to allow me access to all the tool menu and min/max button, to finally fix the issue, as I skew the software down, and found that the software had been stretch to fill both monitor. After resizing the software, I am able to open it normally without any issues.

Wonderful - sorry to hear that you had to jump through all those hoops to push past that multi-monitor issue but I’m really happy to hear that you were able to resolve the problem and that the software is now performing as expected.