Floor tracking Issue

Having real issues on this tutorial. REMOVE PERSON From ANY VIDEO with Mocha Pro | Beam Up VFX Tutorial - YouTube
Cannot get the floor planner/tracker to work. Tried everything! 3 days just trying to figure it out with no joy. Layer order/cog, file resolution, pix usage, occlusion all good. The wall track is spot on but for whatever reason the floor just an’t playing the game. Watched loads of tutorials on your website to help but couldn’t find a reason. Driving me mad :smile: If you can help I’d appreciate it.

Can you show me what your shot setup looks like?

Hi Mary,
Nice to hear from you. Watched many of your excellent tutorials :+1:
I received an email earlier from Neal Berkowitz and suggested to
turn off my GPU acceleration. I did that, and sorted it out.
Just one thing, after doing this there is a very slight drift in Z- space. Is this because of the camera moving back and forward again?
I thought the X-Splines would be quite precise. It is very slight but thought I’d ask.
Enclosed is a snapshot of before and end keyframes…It does slightly move the planer surface.
Kind Regards

Probably there’s a shadow on the ground Mocha is chomping onto. Can you try including the bottom tiny edges of the empty bike rack and the very bottom sliver of the back wall in your ground plane track and see if that anchors your planar track better?

Hi Mary, Yeah still drifting. Think it may be the occlusion but tried to widen as much as I could to see if it made a difference. Tried to understand what you meant…adding to the Ground X-spline like this. Basically guessing at this stage :crazy_face:

The simplest way to add those details to your shape would be just to change the shape to encompass them and then retrack. When you do the add to x-spline on the same layer thing… You’re actually cutting out data where the shapes overlap. I’d try just making the shape bigger. And definitely make sure you’re cutting out all of the motion blur and shadows of the foreground person.

Will do Mary. Been another marathon shift today. Will get to it first thing tomorrow and give you a wee reply. Thanks for your help. Regards Des

Tried to do this but not sure if it was what you asked. Trying to get my head around the planer surface technique. As you can see from the attachment, still drifting slightly.
One thing that may be an issue is that the file I am using is a .h264 23.976 fps. I have imported it into After Effects, created a composition from those settings and applied Mocha. In Mocha they are matching settings. I live in the UK and not sure if this would be an issue as the time base here is PAL.
Can I not work with these files in Mocha?

You’re grabbing too much of the bike rack, you just need to grab like 5 pixels where the bottom of the bike rack meets the floor. Same for the back wall and other side. Just a sliver to anchor the plane. If you broke this scene up into a low poly model, where would you define a ground plane and it’s borders? That’s how I need you to think about this shot.

Your codecs should be fine in Mocha if the host is reading them correctly.