Font size changes made with Preferences/UI

Based on forum threads, I’m under the impression that the Silhouette Preferences/User Interface/Font Size setting is for all UI text. Perhaps I am mistaken. Also, I was unable to find a reference to this setting in the Silhouette Documentation.

Changing this setting (and restarting the app) only seems to affect the labels in Tree Nodes. I see no changes to other text in the app that I can find. In particular, I was hoping for all text in the app to reflect the changes. I am running a UHD resolution monitor that is 32", which by 100% scaling does make the overall fonts for the OS a bit smaller than usual. Hence, my hope that this setting would allow me to make the fonts larger within the app specifically. I am avoiding changing the OS font size as my other apps allow the changing of fonts per app.

Is this behavior normal in that the Prefs/Font Size only affects the Node Labels?

Along a similar topic, when the Source window is in “ListView with Thumbnails”, the thumbnails are almost impossible to view. Is this row-by-row ListView supposed to be affected by the Prefs/font size also? Otherwise, it would be handy in the future to be able to size the Thumbnail (and font size) of this view as well.

This font issues are a result of a bug in the user interface toolkit that we use and there is an open issue filed for this. Once it is fixed, we will upgrade to the new version of the toolkit.

Understood, thanks.