Footage change to green


I’m trying to use Mocha Pro for Adobe Plugin.
In this case, I launched Mocha from Premiere Pro CC 2018 the newest version.
When I was tracking a footage like the first image, a green screen showed up like the second image.

It did not happen with Standalone version.

Well, that’s… different. 0_o

When you go back to Premiere, is the footage also green on that frame?

Thank you for your reply.
No it isn’t.
In Premiere, Everything is fine.

Right, so that means Mocha is playing up somewhere along the way.

Are you using GPU tracking? how much memory do you have to work with?

I’m using GTX 1080ti.
And I have 32GB for RAM.
It doesn’t happen with Mocha Pro standalone.

Can you send me your log from Help menu please? You can send it direct to martinb[at]

OK, but give me time.
I have to go to my friend’s house.
Because the program is his.