For my uses, Vegas 18 plug-in or standalone?

I’m an intermediate-level Vegas user, non-commercial use. I do many projects with a son who is getting into AV, FX, modeling, etc.

I’m not sure if the plug-in for Vegas 18 or the standalone would better suite my needs.

Win 10, PC, Ryzen 5, 16gb DDR4, RTX 3060TI.

The product looks great, and the work I’m doing right now would never have more than myself working.

Thank you all.

What sort of things do you want to do with mocha? Knowing what your goals are will inform the answer.


I’m looking to be able to track, mask (and to a lesser degree stabilize) footage shot with my mavic drone and iPhone. I have large amounts of images that need integrated with the footage.

Both Mocha Pro Plugin and Standalone have the same functionality, all modules (e.g. Track, Stabilize, etc.) are available.
The only difference is that plugin can be launched directly from your host, your case - Vegas. The footage from the timeline would be automatically loaded into Mocha interface. Also, all the work progress will be saved inside your Vegas project.
Some artist just prefer working this way!

On the other hand, Standalone can run without any host. The workflow would require you to create a new project, and load your footage manually. Then, after the work is done - export the result to the desired hosts. Or render the result straight from mocha, if you was working in Insert/ Remove/Stabilize modules. Standalone can be more useful for artists, who use different hosts, or who work in teams.

Just choose what will work best for you!

Hope i was able to answer your question

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Thank you for explaining that.

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