Frame range and keyframes

I use mocha pro for nuke plugin.
For example,
After I work from 1001 frame to 1050 frame in nuke and I go to mocha to tracking on same frame range, I bring back this tracking data to nuke.
There are keyframes from 1001 to 1050 and frame 1. Why is there key at frame1?
Is this bug?

What export are you using?

This is a long standing, Ahem, “feature”. It’s some keyframe that typically isn’t part of the track data but that needs to be there for whatever reason - I wish Mocha would at least put the keyframe on at least the start of the input clip or better still the start of the comp range.

It’ gets very confusing when you are trying to delete keyframes after the fact to trim partial tracks down to only the frames you want.

For me it happens in the Tracker export - may happen in the Roto export as well.

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I use Nuke7 Tracker and click Copy to Clipboard.

When I use Nuke corner Pin , this situation doesn’t occur.

Update: I was wrong, it is not expected behavior. Thanks @Martinb

Hmmm… I thought we had addressed this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
I’ll investigate today and file a new defect report.