Frame rate is right but track is not in AE

My track is so far off (time) in AE. Loks great in Mocha but wonky in AE.
The mocha project is setup properly and it’s the same as the AE comp but it comes in 5 frames early.

Yes Martin.
This is a test shoot I did for a client. Unfortunately it needs to be shot on the Canon 5D which is H264. 23.976 1920x1080. 307 frames exactly end to end.
I was going to convert it to ProRes, but thought I could do the test as is.
I’m going to reshoot with a different shutter speed and the highest bit rate to see if I can eliminate some issues as far as the tracking goes.

Yes I checked and rechecked everything is the same across the board. I thought maybe there was some obvious thing that I over looked that’s why I posted in hope someone could point out my error.
1st frame always gets me and that was the 1st thing I checked.
I did offset as a work around for now, that is how I found out if was 5 frames.
I’m using moch AE 2.2.1 with CS5
I’ve only used mocha on one other project and it worked fine a year ago.

Hey Martin,
You are exactly right. Though I did not have embedded timecode, I did convert to ProRes HQ and it pasted right in.

Hi Doug,
I assume you’re the same guy from AE list? :slight_smile:
What codec are you using? Is this edited down from a longer clip?

The 5-frame offset may be result of the H.264 compression. Frames can be skipped in different applications depending on the interpretation of the compressed frames.
Do the starting frames look the same in mocha and AE?

Are you sure the project settings match in AE? Double-check and make sure your footage settings, aspect ratios, frame rates, and composition settings match your clip settings in mocha? Are you pasting in on frame 1 in AE when you paste your data? When did this problem start occurring and has it worked correctly for you in the past? It’s likely a small difference you looked right at, I do it all the time.
At the very least as a workaround, if you’ve double-checked all that and it matches up, drag the keyframes in the timeline to where they need to be or use an expression.