Frame stuttering ProRes export M1 Max

Hi there,

I did a ProRes LT export of a >90 minute timeline that has a few BCC +Prism and BCC +Center Spot applied. These clips stutter (kind of like mixed up frames in order 1, 7, 5, 9,…) in the exported file. Exporting the same timeline as h264 or „Same as source“ (in this case source is ProRes LT) does not have this issue. However there have been a couple of reports that ProRes exports on M1 Max seem to have this issue even on clips that don’t have any effect applied. The „stuttering“ will appear randomly, especially later on in the timeline. As other reports suggest this might be related to issues with AVFoundation, so I’m not sure if this is a Continuum specific bug.

System is M1 Max Macbook Pro, FCP 10.6.3, macOS 12.4 and latest version of Continuum FCP.


So when you render the timeline in FCP and step through frame by frame the sequence appear correct, yes? And when you render to disc via Compressor using the same as source setting the result is also correct, however, when you attempt to use a different codec than the source, Compressor is not maintaining the correct frame order.

This might not be something that is within our control and might actually need to be addressed by Apple as my feeling is that it could be something related to the handshake between the FCP project and Compressor. That said, we can investigate to see if there is anything on our end that could be causing this to happen.


Hi @PeterMcAuley,

thanks for getting back on this. It seems reinstalling Continuum partly resolved this, but it‘s still very uncertain when and where the bug happens, resulting in double checking every export. In the timeline itself the effect plays correctly and everything looks fine, it’s just the exports that are affected. We are already in contact with Apple and they seem to have a lead, just wanted to share this with you in case you get other similar reports.



Hi Sam,

Thanks for updating me apropos your conversation with Apple on this issue - I’m sure it’s something their engineering team should be able to resolve without too much difficulty.