Frames Range Bug?

In After Effects, before I apply Silhouette Paint to the Comp, I select the range I want and trim the comp to work area and then set the start frame to zero. I do this because the clip is very long (over 2300 frames) and I just need to work with 265 frames at 50fps.

After opening Silhouette Paint Page , the Paint and Roto timelines shows a total of 265 frames but at 25fps instead of the AE project setting at 50fps ! The stranger thing is that the paint history shows this number: 4.29497e+09 and I can not change it to match the frames range I want (0 - 265 frame)! See screenshot here: s1 — Postimages

However everything seems to work fine when I paint and track but the big problem happens when I do the Auto Paint as it tries to do it to the full lengh of the clip (2300 frames) not just the 265 frames! I noticed this problem when using Silhouette Paint inside After Effects but not inside Resolve Studio.

Is this a bug and is there a work around?

Before entering the Silhouette Paint user interface, make sure your comp is set to 50 fps. Also, make sure you set the time display to frames. If it is set to timecode, Ctrl-click to change it to frames.

This should solve the issue with the frame and fps display.

Previously, Silhouette automatically set the workrange to the AE workspace, but it appears that this has broken. For now, you will need to manually set the workrange in Silhouette and when you Auto Paint, make sure that the Auto Frame range is set to Work.