Frames resetting in tracking data

Apologies if there is a similar thread somewhere for this issue, but I have scoured the net for the problem and have found nothing!

The issue is this:

I’m using mocha pro to track a patch in After Effects CC. I’m using everything including perspective (it needs it), and my reference frame is not the first (it’s 25 frames in). I’m exporting the data as a corner pin supporting RG warp.

I’ve done a few different patches on the same footage, which have been fine, but the final and most complicated patch does something odd that I haven’t come across before when I export the data. It visually tracks fine on Mocha, but when I paste the data, the first and last 8 keyframes of the track are set to 0.0, 1080.0 on all four corners but the rest of the track in between is fine. The reference frame 25 is in the correct place too. This obviously causes the patch to be completely invisible for the first and last part.

I’ve tried retracking on a new Mocha project, remaking the AE patch on a new layer, restarting the programs and the mac etc. but I can’t seem to fix what’s going wrong!


Any help appreciated.

It’s possible the tracking surface is swinging wide and warping too far, making it lose the right tracking data.

I’d need to see the project however to confirm. Can you send it?

Hi Martinb - thanks for your response, I’m afraid I can’t send it as it’s for TV broadcast and I don’t have the rights to let anything be shown of it! It doesn’t seem to be that problem - I have seen what you’re describing on other projects in which I’ve used perspective, and this is different. I’ve never seen it remain on 0,1080 for all four points just for a few frames at the start and end of the shot and then be fine for the rest. It’s so strange! I might try a fresh reinstall of Mocha and see what happens though.


I won’t need the actual footage, just the mocha project file. I need to see the setup.