Free BCC + Looks plugin with new features in Continuum FCP 2022

Hello. I just got a free BCC + Looks plugin with new features in Continuum FCP 2022 and the installation key, but I have a problem with the installation, the installation file is probably for Mac and I have windows 11. So I have a question where to download the file for windows or how to install this file which I received on the e-mail, can someone help me with this, I will be grateful for your help.


The free version of BCC+ Looks is exclusively for users of Apple Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion. All other hosts require a paid-for license to use this filter without a watermark.


Hello, I have tried several times to download and install the free BCC Looks Plugin. Each time I enter the activation key and go through the download process, I am told that It has been successfully installed, but it either does not show up in FCP or it shows up with a red X over the clip. Can you help? I am using the Monterey OS. And mine FCP is up to date.

I think you might be best served by reporting this issue via the support channel. You can contact them here : Boris FX | Open a Case

Just got the free BCC+Looks plugin. Tried downloading it but the download never starts. Have tried on safari and chrome.

Hi there,

Sorry to hear that you’ve been encountering issues with the software download - have you tried downloading from this link?

Boris FX | Downloads?


No, but which package do I choose (nothing there called BCC+Looks)

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Ahh … well you need to download Continuum for FCP, which is the actual full product installer. You’ll have the option during installation of the license to remove the unlicensed plugins leaving only the BCC+ Looks plugin or if you decide to leave the unlicensed plugins on the system you can use them but they will generate a watermark, which is released if a full product license is added.


Fantastic. Thanks for your help!

You’re most welcome!

I have tried to install BCC+ Looks. Downloaded the package and started the installation. The install “hangs” on removing unauthorized plugins. How long does it take to remove unauthorized plugins? Can they be removed manually. According to the email I received because this is a “freebie” there is no official support.