Free FCP BCC Looks Red X

Free FCP BCC Looks Red X.
FCP 10.6.5, macOS 13.0.1
Downloaded the free trial of Continuum FCP and the free BCC Looks has a Red X.
Since this particular plugin in should be free, shouldn’t it be sans Red X even while trying out the rest of the plugins with Red X?

Or perhaps BCC Looks is only unwatermarked after one removes the rest of the trial.

Hmmm … did you add the license code for the free filter? Doing so will release the red X watermark. Can you try that please and let me know if it helped?


I didn’t see a license code for any aspect of the trial. Where might I find that?

A license is not required for the “trial” - the trial is the actual full product with a watermark and the watermark is only released when a license code is added.

For the free BCC+ Looks filter you would have received a license code via email when you registered and downloaded the product. Just enter that code to release the watermark from this free filter.