Free version Particle

Is het niet mogelijk in de free versie een afbeelding(JPG) in te voegen en daarop een emitter te plaatsen?
Is it not possible to insert an image (JPG) in the free version and place an emitter on it?

You are correct - in the free version of Particle Illusion you cannot import source shots.

The workaround is for you to use the free trial version of PI, which is installed with Boris Continuum, into the host of your choice and set up the effect the way you want it using the host video and once you have it set up the way you want, save the Particle Illusion project to the desktop. From there, all you have to do is open the saved PI project in the free version of PI and then export the animation to the desktop. It’s a totally free and very easy process.


Jammer , Ik gebruik al jaren Particle 3.0, maar vind de uitstraling van de nieuwe zo mooi, Als ik in Particle 3.0 een afbeelding open en deze opslaan, kan ik deze niet als project in de nieuwe zetten, het is een andere extensie bpi voor de nieuwe en ip3 voor de 3.0

Too bad , I’ve been using Particle 3.0 for years, but I like the look of the new one so much, When I open an image in Particle 3.0 and save it, I can’t put it as a project in the new one, it’s another extension bpi for the new and ip3 for the 3.0

You can rename the .ip3 file to .bpi and then the new PI will open it. :slight_smile:

Ik heb de extensie veranderd, maar bij open project zie ik nergens mijn afbeelding?
Moet echt nog onderzoeken hoe dit moet werken.
Ik ben ook niet goed in Engels dus moet alles vertalen.

I changed the extension, but in open project I don’t see my image anywhere?
Really need to figure out how to make this work.
I’m not good at English either so I have to translate everything.

Sorry, it won’t load images, just the project data.

thank you for the explanation, but then it is not the program we can work with, because it is the intention to place an emitter over an existing image.

Well there are always workarounds and one such workaround is to use the Davinci Resolve host for set up, then as I mentioned earlier, save the setup and render the particles with the freemium version of PI, then import the movie with the particles back into Resolve and export the particles with the image source from there.

And if you want ultimate ease of use with more features, such as mocha tracking, apply modes, transforms, film glow, compositing options etc then all you have to do is pay for a license to run the plugin version. We have many affordable pricing options to choose from so it’s not that expensive.

Hi, there is a way of adding an image to PI, it’s a bit of a guess when making it the full screen size,
but more than one of these can be added like layers with PI emitters in between to make it look like the emitter goes behind something,

This is one I did, each of the PNG images I added as a Single Particle so the swirly PI thing could go behind the cups & the top of the jug’s emitter opacity was altered so looked like it goes behind the jug.

Nice, but I’ll never learn that

It’s fairly simple but my YT dashboard says you haven’t watched my vid, so I guess you won’t learn it. :man_shrugging:

Tot 2x toe bekeken, dat de emitter om de kopjes gaat.

Ok, sorry YT isn’t showing how many views correctly,
Both the first video with the girl where I show how to load an image & the one of the cups I’ve watched twice, YT only shows 2 views on each :man_shrugging:
It’s very simple, In that vid I show about 5 steps to get an Image to show as a background which I thought is what you wanted.