Free VR Unit FAQ

What happens if I have a legacy version of the full Continuum suite installed and I downloaded a free Continuum 11 VR unit?

If you have previously installed any version of Continuum in any host application, please be aware that the free Continuum VR Unit is part of Continuum 11 and will overwrite all plug-ins associated with older versions of Continuum, replacing all older versions of Continuum plug-ins with the 5 VR filters. For customers who own Continuum v10 and prior, we strongly encourage you to call in to 1-888-77-BORIS or talk to a sales associate about upgrading to Continuum 11.

I am an Avid Media Composer subscriber. Can I use the free Continuum VR Unit alongside BCC Lite?

The free Continuum VR unit is part of Continuum 11 and cannot be installed alongside BCC Lite. Installing it will replace and erase all of BCC Lite. For customers who are Avid Media Composer subscribers and wish to use the VR Unit alongside BCC Lite, we encourage you to call in to 1-888-77-BORIS or talk to a sales associate about a free upgrade to the newest version of BCC lite.

Is there technical support offered with the free Continuum VR unit?

No, the free Continuum VR Unit does not qualify for email, phone or chat support. These levels of product support are reserved for customers with active Upgrade and Support contracts. For any and all questions about the Continuum VR unit, including installation, usage, and troubleshooting, users can post questions online in the Boris FX public forums.

Is the free Continuum VR unit a perpetual license or subscription?

The free Continuum VR unit is offered as perpetual (node-locked) licenses only. Subscription pricing is offered for the full Continuum suite only.

What hosts are supported for the free Continuum 11 VR unit?

Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, Apple FCP X & Motion, Avid Media Composer, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, Magix Vegas Pro, Foundry Nuke, and other supported OFX hosts.

If I download the free Continuum VR unit, then decide at a later date to upgrade to the full Continuum suite, can I expect any sort of discount?

No, usually any single Continuum 11 unit purchase price can be applied as a credit toward the purchase of the full Continuum suite, but since this is a free promotion, there is no credit that can be applied.

If I have two host applications installed on the same machine, say Avid and Premiere, will the free Continuum 11 VR unit work in both?

Yes, the free Continuum 11 VR unit licenses is cross-host, meaning you can use it for all supported hosts that are installed on the same machine, as long you install all the correct installers.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to activate a free Continuum 11 VR unit license?

Yes, you need an internet connection to license a free Continuum 11 VR unit. Offline license activation is not supported for the free Continuum 11 VR unit. If you require offline activation, you need to license the full Continuum suite.

Can I purchase an Upgrade and Support plan with a free Continuum 11 VR unit?

No, there is no Upgrade and Support plan available for the free Continuum 11 VR unit.

Are Render Nodes supported for free Continuum 11 VR units?

No, render nodes are not supported. Free and unlimited render nodes are a benefit of the Boris FX Upgrade and Support plan, and the free Continuum VR unit is not supported under this plan.

Does the Continuum 11 VR unit work support 180 degree workflow, in addition to 360 degree workflow?

Yes, the Continuum 11 VR filters all support 180 as well as 360.

Will my free Continuum 11 VR unit work forever?

The license will never expire. We cannot always guarantee that legacy versions of Continuum will work with future OS and host versions. For this reason, we strongly recommend always maintaining the current version of Continuum.

how long does it take to get the email with license and download instructions?

It should take 10 minutes or so to receive the email. Check your spam folder.

not there. and I get plenty of BorisFX emails… is it coming from somewhere else?
Did the form change since yesterday too? today I just get an email form. Yesterday there was a longer form to fill out.

I’m trying to download the VR unit for use in Magix Vegas (Windows 7 64bit) but only Adobe, Avid, and OFX Hosts versions are listed.

What version should I download?

Vegas uses OFX format plugins, go for that!..

I did, actually, and the install just hung…

Will try again, thanks.

It installed, but I don’t see VR Insert. How do I access that?

VR Insert shows up in the list of custom track composite modes in Vegas. The reason it is there is that VR Insert requires access to a second layer and the only way an effect can access secondary layers in Vegas is when applied as a custom composting mode. At the track level select Compositing Mode → Custom → VR Insert. Note that this means the entire track will have VR Insert applied so if you only want this applied to a portion of the timeline you would need to use a nested project in Vegas.

OK, thanks, I’ll check that out.

Update: Continuum 11.0.3 was just released (available for download from the Boris FX website) and it contains a new, simpler workflow for VR Insert in Vegas. As of 11.0.3 you can apply VR Insert directly to the Text/Logo layers as a normal effect rather than having to use the special custom composite effect workflow.
-Put the insert layer(s) on the track(s) ABOVE the VR background.
-Apply VR Insert as a normal video effect to the insert layer.
-Let the host do the compositing over the VR background.

Here is a new tutorial showing the simplified VR Insert workflow in Vegas that was introduced in Continuum 11.0.3:
Use the VR Insert Filter to Composite Images into 360 VR Footage

Just watched this, much more consistent with Vegas compositing. The video said it was a free upgrade…is this true if I got the VR unit via the free May period?

Yes, the license for the VR unit (version 11.0.2) should work fine for this 11.0.3 update.

Great. Do I download the full copy of Continuum, or is there a link I can access to download the VR unit? (I couldn’t find one.)

You download the full copy of Continuum. There is no separate installer for specific units. When you run the full installer, the units for which you have a license should appear in your host by default.

Great, thanks again.