Freeze frame issue

I have always encountered this freeze frame issue where a frame repeats twice. It happens frequently. Any solutions?

Please watch

Hi there, is this in the standalone or in a plugin version? And if a plugin, what host? And what codec is the video or image sequence?

Some movie files can exhibit this behavior using the GStreamer import. It would be useful to have a copy of your movie file to see if we can replicate the issue. Alternatively, you can convert the movie to sequential files and reload those in Silhouette.

It is the standalone

Quicktime - proress 444.

It happens after some time during my paint session. This happens everytime with every video. Do you want me to upload it?

So are you saying working with image sequences is better?

Yes, please upload a movie file that exhibits the issue.

For loading movies, we use a module called GStreamer and there can be certain codecs that it may have an issue with. If we have the file, we may be able to work around the issue. In the meantime, if you see the problem, convert the movie file to sequential images and you won’t have the problem.

I PMed you the link to the video.

I just imported an image sequence but its darker. What can i do?

I was wondering OCIO Lut/colorspace/display is for? I don’t know so much about the technicalities of colorspace

Thanks for movie. I am able to play it back without freeze frames. Do you see the freeze frames in playback?

Silhouette uses the OpenColorIO standard originally developed by Sony Pictures Imageworks for its color management. You can load custom color configuration files and custom LUTs, apply colorspace conversions, as well as use other controls for fine tuning.

The color management functionality provided in the Display Options is for display purposes only. The color profiles, LUTs, and colorspace conversions applied in the Viewer do not affect the rendered image.

For the clip you sent, Silhouette automatically sets the colorspace and view transform to sRGB.

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If you try to do some paint work, you might find it.

Choose a shot and try to de-age the actor. You might have a lot of paint strokes. After some time, you might see it break or “the freeze frame” will appear.

If it doesn’t, try to close the project for a little while, then open it. Then later continue working on the shot. I’m confident it’ll appear.

It might be the Gstreamer module you mentioned that’s the culprit. Who knows

I was speaking about the nodes, but I guess thats another class entirely

Unlike the Viewer > OCIO controls, the OCIO nodes actually modify the color of the image. Think of them as color correction nodes.

I am working on trying to reproduce the freeze frame issue.

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Okay. I’ll be here

@marco my project size is about 1.2 gb, now it’s crashing. What can i do

I have repeatedly tested with your source footage and have not been able to reproduce the freeze frame issue. I painted numerous strokes with various brushes on all 2566 frames in the sequence and have manually stepped through each frame without seeing a freeze.

As to your crashing, that will need to be diagnosed by support. You can file a support issue here: Boris FX | Open a Case

I use silhouette on a mac: what about you

I have Mac, Windows and Linux.

Hi, I have the same issue on windows machine. Frame repeating on Quicktime prores files. Original footage was RED and I coverted them to ProRes since Silhouette doesn’t accept RED. Checked them out in After Effects and they are fine. It is defiently a bug of Silhouette.