Frequent crashes and blurry splines

Just purchased Silhouette 2020 and think I’m running the latest version 2020.03 but I’m getting very weird issues completing very simple roto.

And I’m getting blurry / smeared splines for some reason. I’ve cleared the RAM cache and played around with GPU settings - I have 4GB but no obvious resolution in the problem.

Its also running very slowly and crashing every single time I run a session.
Any pointers?


I wonder if it has something to do with the resolution of your 5K iMac. In the Finder, can you go to Preferences > Display and let me know what the resolution is set to? If it is set at 5120 x 2880, can you change it to a lower resolution like 2560 x 1440 and see if that makes the splines display properly as well as help with the stability?

Also, can you reset your Silhouette preferences? To do this, select the Silhouette > Preferences menu and click Reset All at the bottom right of the Preferences window that opens.

I also notice you’re zoomed in almost 1000%. That’s going to make things blurry, due to bilinear filtering.
You can try setting the viewer sampling mode to Point in the Viewer preferences.
If it crashes, can you please file a support ticket and include the crash report/dump?