From Avid to Resolve: edited fx AAF transfer

Is there anyway to transfer edited Boris customized FX from Avid MC to Resolve14?
From my expericence when I generate an AAF from Avid it doesn’t translate Boris data in the new Resolve timeline.
I have a lot of different fx, i don’t want rebuild data by myself, i’m looking for automation.


Yes, it is possible on a per effect basis. In each effect in Avid, use save preset button to save the setting which will store all parameter values in a file. Apply the same effect in Resolve and load the setting file that you saved. Unfortunately, there is no way to save effects of the entire timeline.

Hopefully this helps.

thxxx a lot!!!

If you have heavy effect seq you can do what I do… Edit in Avid, color in Resolve, finish in Avid. I work on big heavily effected shows and the only way to get these things done is to finish in AVID.

I usually deal with 2400 edits and 1500 FX mostly BorisFX some Sapphire and tons of Mocha work. Recreating everything, even going thru the save preset process would be extremely time consuming.

Best tool for the each part of the job.


yes, is the best way thxxx

I need to work and finish the film on Resolve, I have followed the proposed suggestion, i.e. to save the avid radial blur presets and to load them on Resolve one by one.

I found that the animated radial blurs (those with added keyframe in avid to move the focus) Resolve does not allow me to load them, while radial blur without keyframe (not animated) gets loaded in the right manner.
Out of 50 radialblur FX, 45 are animated, do you have any further advice?

Unfortunately Continuum for OFX doesn’t support animated presets. The animated presets are only supported in AE and Avid at this time. Resolve has recently improved their host support for keyframe manipulation so this is a feature we might be able to add in the future, but for now we don’t have an automatic way to move the keyframe data across.

ok :frowning: thx a lot

I wonder if the keyframes could be tracked using mocha instead… then a mocha project could be exported/imported… or just reanimate in Resolve.
Annoying but unavoidable…

Best off luck.


tooo annoying!
i think the fastest way will be in avid :frowning:

What a wonderful addition to the BCC/ Sapphire OFX world it would be to have these translate from a Media Composer session into Resolve. This would be a strong step toward grabbing much more of the finishing market. My 2 cents.

I don’t use Resolve, but I put audio plugins in my Media Composer timeline all the time, export an AAF to mix in ProTools and the plugins arrive just fine… I wonder if that might be a workflow? I do know that an AAF with BaseLight color goes back and forth between Media Composer and the big BaseLight systems.

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