Full Occlusion - Telling mocha to track to next good frame

This is a problem with all trackers, and I wondered if there was a way in mocha to mark bad frames (fully occluded) on a track layer, to tell mocha to ignore them and instead track directly to the next good frame (and interpolate between the skipped frames). I’ve tried using manual track but it breaks the movement - so when you get to a clean frame to track again the tracking position has slipped.
The footage I’m trying to track is a timelapse of a street, to do a billboard replacement - and every 10-20 frames a bus will block off the tracked area for a single frame.
If there’s no way to do this in mocha (a “mark bad frame” button/tag/marker) it would be great to submit this as a feature request as it’s a common problem in all tracking work.

Thanks for the request. It’s a good idea. We could try to extrapolate the track, but you may get abnormal movement on that frame. It’s something we can look into.

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Thanks Martin! Even if the interpolated keyframes aren’t accurate, they can always be adjusted afterwards in whatever compositing app it’s used in (After effects in my case). But being able to ignore un-trackable frames would really speed up the process of tracking a whole shot