Fullscreen UI


What’s the shortcut key to full screen the UI?

Silhouette utilizes the OS window controls for maximizing the window. You can use the Maximize icon on Windows at the top right of the Window or the Zoom icon on Mac at the top left of the Window.

Alternatively, the OS specific keyboard shortcuts will also work.
Windows: Windows logo key + Up arrow
Linux: Super key + Up arrow
Mac: By default, the Finder does not have a keyboard shortcut to zoom a window. You may add a keyboard shortcut for the Finder > **Window > Zoom command in System Preferences > **Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts

Thank you, that works with the window where the OS window controls are available. However I am working with two monitors and would like to maximize my other window that does not have OS window controls. Not sure if there’s a workaround to get this?

Once you manually set the size of the window on the second monitor, Silhouette should remember that size.

Welp, that settles my search for a magic button. Thanks!