Fusion + Mocha Pro OFX - Problems with Pixel aspect ratio (PAR) with anamorphic footage & issues with Power Mesh


At first: Thank you so much for the mouse zoom. This alone makes me so happy.

At the moment I am working with x1.8 anamorphic 6K footage (6048x4032, EXP, RGB half) and I need to export the shots same as source to be processed in Grading. Highest possible quality is needed for a cinema release.

In Fusion the PAR is read from the exr-files and everything shows as intended.
But the problem is when I load a Mocha Pro node:

In Mocha Pro the PAR is wrong interpreted as 0.555556 - And I can not change the imported Clip Attributes in the Clip Module.This makes Mocha almost unusable.

Is this a bug?
And is there a reason why we can not change the clip settings after importing?
It seems that allowing that would make things a lot easier.

The only way to work in Fusion seems to be:

  • Set the loader to ignore the PAR and assume square pixels
  • Then resize only the width x1.8 = 10886x4032 (no filtering)
  • Do the Retouching, etc.
  • Resize back to the original 6048x4032 for export / etc.

Disabling the filtering in the resize-nodes seems to minimize quality loss but the issue is that I have to a) scale all mattes/module-exports or b) work completely in the intermediate square PAR.
This adds unnecessary render times.

What is the best practice to work in Fusion / Mocha with anamorphic footage?

BTW: In After Effects this wrong PAR issue does not exist.

Maybe you can help with the following as well - maybe it’s all related to the anamorphic PAR or resolution?

  1. The mesh assisted tracking is great, but…
    PowerMesh is really wonky in general and crashes easily - while tracking, or just when I edit a spline or hit play. This is an issue in Fusion but in After Effects as well.
    The only way I can use Power Mesh at all is to set it up, render and never touch the Mocha Ui again and make fixes if necessary in the host.
    If this would work as intended, it would be an absolute major update, so thank you alone for this.

  2. The Power Mesh: “Stabilize: Unwarp > paint / retouch / etc > Stabilize: Warp” pipeline with Power Mesh is not working.
    After warping the unwrapped areas it all lines up, but it is still slightly distorted.
    This is the same in After Effects and Fusion and makes me really sad.

  3. Both in After Effects and Fusion the Mocha Pro Plugin tends to crash, a lot.
    I read all I could find, I disabled GPU tracking, deleted the preferences, gave Mocha more Texture Ram, reversed it. Nothing changes this behaviour.
    Most, but not all the times: When I try to launch the Mocha Pro UI in Fusion, it does not open at all and I have to kill the process - it opens on second try most of the time.
    Luckily the plugin itself does not crash when processing in the host - so maybe it’s an UI problem?

  4. The Save-System: Because Mocha crashes hundred times per day for me, I am quite annoyed how the plugin saves the project internally. After the first crash I can open the Autosave, second time: no more. And even when I hammer Cmd+S to save every step, after a crash some steps are just lost.

Just some requests:

  • In the OFX Plugin: Please make it a default not to render premultiplied like in After Effects.
  • Please implement undo for the planar surface.
  • This is quite a lot, but wouldn’t it be great to represent Tracking Data, maybe optical flow / vector map-like? And it would be great to have an curve Editor like in SynthExes or After Effects to visually see the Tracking Data and spot possible errors.
  • In the lens module: Please set an indicator on what frame the calculation is based on.

Thank you very much in advance!

Fusion Studio 18 Beta 6 Update
After Effects 2022 22.5.0 (build 53)
Mocha Pro Plugin & OFX Version 9.5.2 build 9.g13b278477fd3

Apple MacStudio M1 Ultra 20‑Core CPU / 64‑Core GPU / 128GB RAM
4K DCI Display via HDMI
Caches are on an Thunderbolt 3 RAID

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the detailed message. It sounds like there may be a bug in Fusion determining the PAR for this file format. I am adding @martinb, the Mocha product manager to the thread so he can verify.
It may be useful for you to share a sample media file, so we can test.

As far as your crashing issues, these sounds wrong. The plugin is quite stable, however, I do not know how much testing we have done on M1 Ultra yet. Can you send us your Mocha log file?


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I sent an error report via Mocha and referred to this post.
If this is not okay, can you please specify what you exactly need?

I can not post frames because it’s a commercial project, please send me an email for this, okay?

BTW: I just had an bug reported in the lens-module that exports empty profiles.
So sorry for the heavy input from me - I hope it will contribute in making mocha a little better.

I will contact you directly about sharing footage privately.