Fusion studio (BCC - filter)

I bought the continuum particle illusion filter and are using it in resolve.
Sometimes I use fusion studio. When I do this, it pops up with something like BCC not recognized or something like that. It does appear in the toolbox and I can drag it in and use i.e. glow etc., but not PI and fx browser.
Is it like this because the program is working only with edit tab and color tab in resolve? - or is it because I haven’t activated my license in fusion studio somehow or how does it work? (If I can’t make use of it in fusion studio is there a way that I avoid these pop ups in the beginning (it’s not a big deal, but kind a irritating).

Hi There,

While Continuum fully supports the Edit and Color tabs in Resolve, Fusion is a different app (even though it’s integrated into Resolve) and is not yet on the fully supported list. Some filters in the Continuum product will operate just fine in Fusion, while others will not. We’re working to identify and hopefully solve the issues while working with Continuum in Fusion but we’re not quite there yet. Hopefully we will be able to offer full support for Fusion with Continuum in the next major release of the product.