FX Browser not working and crashes VegasPro 20

When I apply any Continuum Plug to a VP20 Event, the FX Browser it either doesn’t appear, or it will crash VP20.

The recent communication from VegasSoftware has informed us that they have done what is needed, and now it is over to BORIS. When will I get an update that will cure this unfortunate outcome?

BTW, last month I paid for a further year’s support.

Cheers - Grazie

Hi, i thought it was the other way around, Boris released an update very quickly that although the fx editor still doesn’t work it stopped the crashes, is it not in Vegas’s hands now?

It’s most certainly is in somebody’s hands. Having recently just purchased a further year’s worth of BORIS Continuum update support, I wish/want a solution.

Yep, I upgraded to 20 but am still using 19 because of this.
On a separate note try the Black Bar fill in 20, Dynamic Ram & render times are abysmal compared to 19😒
Ps I’m going to comment on that post link i shared, it’ll bring it back up the list in VP forum,

We continue to work actively with the Vegas engineering team on this issue. Hopefully it will be wrapped up shortly.


I hope that both BorisFX and Vegas teams are aware that the BCC+ problem also affects Title Studio. I can successfully create a title in Title Studio but the title simply won’t display on VP20’s timeline.

@dexcon, No we are not aware of that Title Studio issue and it would be a totally separate problem. We will try to reproduce that in our QA lab. Are you saying this only happens in Vegas 20? Are there any other details about this issue that would help us in reproducing? E.g. is it on EVERY Title Studio instance or only when certain features are used?

@jclement … Sorry, but it’s user error. Apologies for any inconvenience.

No problem - glad to hear there’s no issue!

Really? I don’t know what your UE was. Meaning, that TS is behaving badly too. See my latest POST.


There is a new Continuum 2022.5 patch which resolves the issue with the FX Editor and Mocha not showing frames in BCC+ filters in Vegas 20. If you re-download Continuum 2022.5 from the Boris FX website you will receive version 15.5.2B which contains this fix.


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Thanks, seems to be working here, quick to load presets also :+1:

Yep, can confirm new drop seems to work fine. Thanks.

Working as expected! KUDOS to Boris and Vegas Team - thanks, guys.