FX Editor almost useless

Just updated to the latest Continuum 2022.5, going through what’s new,
FX Editor is so slow it’s useless & it’s crashed quite a few times in the small amount i’ve tried it, this video below is in transitions FX Editor but in the other BCC fx’s/filters it’s just as slow, :unamused: I’ve tried different Preferences & different Previews in the host.

Hi Gid,

Thanks for raising this issue - I’ve created a ticket for engineering to investigate and see what can be done to improve playback performance while working with the FX Editor custom GUI.


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Thanks n sorry i don’t mean to be whining about this, :+1::wink:

can i ask, on your website it says ’ New for 2022.5* 15 new accelerated transitions & 5 effects’
Is there a list somewhere of these?

I’m glad that you mentioned the FX Editor performance issue and I’m hopeful that our engineers will find a solution for improving playback performance in the custom gui.

Here’s a list of the new filters, features etc from Continuum 2022 to 2022.5 :

New BCC+ filters
● BCC+ Film Glow,
● BCC+ Light Leaks,
● BCC+ Magic Sharp,
● BCC+ Radial Blur,
● BCC+ Video Glitch,
New BCC+ Transitions
● BCC+ Blur Dissolve,
● BCC+ Camera Shake Dissolve,
● BCC+ Channel Blur Dissolve,
● BCC+ Crash Zoom Dissolve,
● BCC+ Cross Zoom Dissolve,
● BCC+ Directional Blur DIssolve,
● BCC+ Dissolve,
● BCC+ Film Glow Dissolve,
● BCC+ Light Leaks Dissolve,
● BCC+ Multi-Star Dissolve,
● BCC+ Prism Dissolve,
● BCC+ Rack Focus Dissolve,
● BCC+ Rays Dissolve,
● BCC+ Spin Blur Dissolve,
● BCC+ Video Glitch Dissolve
Performance Enhancements
● BCC+ versions of Boris FX Continuum filters and Transitions are up to 35 percent faster in most host environments, which is most noticeable when stacking multiple filters on a single source. (Will provide more accurate figures after test results from QA.)
Particle Illusion New Features and Improvements
● 3D models can now be imported and used as emitters
● 3D translate and scale gizmos and a rotation gimbal have been added to all emitters
● After Effects mask shapes can now be used as line emitters
● Many subtle UI enhancements have been made to the PI custom GUI
● Many new emitters have been added to the ever expanding preset library
FX Editor Improvements
● New interactive overlay widgets have been added to the FX Editor

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