Fx1000 Hd footage

Hi guys
I just bought after and premiere cs5.5 and when i try to import some footage hd from my fx1000 sony videocamera captured with premiere into mocha…well mocha doesnt recognize my footage, i can load my sd footage tho !
Please someone help me with this, what should i do?
Thanks in advance
Ps: sorry about my grammar english its not my first language.
Thanks again

What format is the footage and what system are you on?

Hi Rolando,
MPEG footage is not read by mocha (And I specifically mean MPEG, not MPG). You will have to export it to a different format. I would recommend a lossless quicktime format or an image sequence.
Out of curiosity, did the sd footage save as a different format?
Overall we don’t read any clip-based (ie. non-image based) format unless QuickTime can read it.

Oh ! Thanks ! Il try some loseless codec then , thanks for the quick reply.
Ps: sd footage from the same camera: avi movie, 29.97 frame rate , pixel aspect ratio: 0.9091
Thanks again

Hi thanks for replying!
Im on a pc , core i7 920 16gig ram and nvidia 570
The footage its captured from my fx1000 with premiere cs5, its mpeg movie 1440x1080 29.7 frame rate.
Hope you can help me !