FYI:Frame Number = ALL

…is reset to 0(zero); number entries are preserved.

Hi there,

Are you referring to clean plates? Can you provide some more context?


Too fast recording…I should have been more specific - it is the frame number in the clean plate.

What is the name of your clean plate file in full?

“T:\Mocha Results\Sunflower 7 Try\Clean Plate The Sunflower Step 2632.TIFF” The actual frame from which the cp was made is, of course, 632.

Okay, possibly what is happening is the frame number is trying to look past the actual frame range (2632) and is getting confused. Can you try adding an underscore between the 2 and the 632?

Underscore didn’t help. BTW, the 2 came from an original filename, i.e. The Sunflower Step 2. Looks like Mocha prepends the filename to the frame number being designated as the cp. A quickie test seems to bear this out.