GeForce GTX 680MX - Driver Crashing

I’m using mocha Pro in Media Composer. My preferences GPU tab tells me that the GPU is not available. When I check the log file, it says: “Available: no (Device is not supported due to crashes in the Nvidia driver.)”

I’m on an iMac with the latest OS (and Mocha Pro 5.6) so, the driver should be the latest version. According to the log file it is:
Version: OpenCL 1.2
Driver version: 10.30.25 355.

Anyone know if this is an incompatible driver and if so, can it be manually overwritten with a different version?

Really hoping this card can be used since it’s the only one I have!


You can always try a driver from the Nvidia website.

Good chance you’re running into a recurring problem with us Mac users. No Nvidia card options. Your iMac is using an AMD card of some type. Mocha maybe should be saying “no COMPATIBLE GPU available.” I haven’t looked at the documentation though.

I have no problem using Mocha with my iMac with a Radeon Pro 580, it is recognized.

Hi Alex,

This GPU is an Nvidia. The driver appears to be the problem. I just don’t know how to overwrite the driver installed by the os updates, or what version is approved by Boris.

Really? What model do you have? Now I’m curious.

I have a late 2012 iMac with a Gforce GTX 680MX w/ 2GB VRAM. It has been supported with Avid and Other Boris plugins in the past.

Try downloading a driver directly from Nvidia, as suggested above. Or simply turn off GPU tracking if it continues to give you errors.

Hi Mary,

I would need to know what driver is approved for use with Mocha 5.6. Also, I need advice on how to get the driver and install it, since drivers for Mac OS are not available via the website. Mac drivers cannot be installed with the GUI like on a Windows machine (Not that I’m aware of anyways).

As the Mocha manual suggests, the GPU processing is preferred since results with the host processor are not as good, quality wise. Do you have a mac Savvy engineer that I could call?



For the driver, you will want the latest one, whichever that is for you. But for the card, you need to check it against this supported card list:

A google search tells me that Nvidia has drivers here for mac, though admittedly I haven’t installed it and don’t know if it’s compatible with your card:

GPU tracking is faster, but not necessarily “better,” if you continue to have issues it is really not a tracking quality difference between the two. Just a speed one.

If you want to talk to support directly, you can either call 1-888-77-BORIS. or you can open a case here.


Ok. I knew about the CUDA driver but I didn’t realize Mocha used that protocol over Open CL and Open GL. I used to have it installed for use with Squeeze but they bailed on CUDA in favor of host processing so, I’ll give that a shot.

I have the latest updates from Apple and the Auto Update feature checks graphics cards as well as all other software.


Hi Blake,

It’s actually a different driver, not the CUDA one. You can find it here:

Select the following in the menus:

Product type: Quadro
Product series: Quadro Series
Product: Quadro K5000 for Mac (I know this is not what you have, choose it anyway)
Operating System: choose the macOS version you are running
Language: English (US)
Recommended/Beta: All

Hit search and it will list suitable drivers. If you click one of the results, the full information shows all the supported machines and your iMac is included.

I hope this helps, personally I have had mixed results with the NVIDIA driver on my MacBook Pro (Late 2013). Prior to High Sierra things worked well, but since my machine refuses to boot with the NVIDIA driver.

Best regards,


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Ok, Thanks JP. I’ll give that a shot. My Time machine backup is ready just in case. :confused:


I’ve been working on getting this driver/OS/Avid/Mocha combination figured out and had a question. I’ve tried several different combinations including OS 10.5.5 with a supported Avid version and Mocha 5.6.

For each combo, I get the same message about nvidia driver crashes. The odd thing is that the message is the same, even when there are no nvidia drivers installed and the system is using the default OS drivers.

So my question is whether Imagineer Systems can take a look at the log file and see if this is definitely an nvidia driver problem? Is this a dead end or is there some other work around that I can try to get the GPU to be functional in Mocha?



Thanks, JP.

Thanks for y’alls responses. I got an email from Martin. We’ve pinpointed a problem with my system which is that the software will not allow me to select “use unsupported cards”. I’ve loaded the 3rd party driver package from JP’s link. Now hopefully we can get the option to use my card to be usable.

After poking around a little, I’m wondering if maybe the option to enable unsupported GPU is greyed out In the AVX pluging because Avid has a control panel for this.

Is it possible that the Avid control panel where you select the Open GL device used for effect preview overrides the preferences setting in the plugin? I haven’t tested the preview speed when disabling the card in the host. I think that will be my next step.

Egaadds! We’ve found a bug! After cooresponding with support, it’s been discovered that there’s a bug causing the option to select unsupported GPU being greyed out. Fortunately there’s a command line that can activate the option. All working now.


I am using mocha pro and i have nvidia geforce GTX graphics card. You can face The crashing problem many reasons one can be the outdated driver updater.
If you want to fix it you can do it in many ways

  1. Unplug the keyboard and the mouse then plug it back
  2. Uninstall your Nvidia display driver
  3. Update your display driver
  4. Adjust Nvidia Control Panel settings
  5. Disable antivirus programs temporarily
  6. Update DirectX
  7. Check for hardware more issues

if you are still not understading how to do it then you can go through with this guide.

Thank you for sharing this information! I’ll give a try