Generating Motionblur for an element


I am trying to do a Screencomp inside Silhouette and I have camera motion in the shot. I took a decent track in the mocha pro ofx version and set the element in insert clip.
Brought inside to silhouette as an insert: cutout and tried to comp. Now I want to apply some motion blur to this element so that it will blend with the original input!

tried time blur node, but failed!

Is there any way to mimic the motion blur from the plate to this element?

Thank you in advance,

Did you try enabling the motion blur in the insert module (inside the Mocha Pro UI?
You can output an insert cutout with motion blur back to your comp.

oh no! I was not aware of this option, Definitely will give a try
but curious to know is there any tool inside Silhouette to generate Motion blur just like the vectorblur in Nuke?

If you transfer the tracking data from Mocha to Silhouette, you can use a Transform node to add motion blur.

yes, this helped! but I was not able to generate motionblur inside mochapro for unknown reasons. I am sure that I am missing something there
anyways! Thanks, Marco and ross!