Generation of artefacts when applying from Optics GUI

When I edit an image in Optics 2022 I get frequently strange artifacts in the image:

By pressing apply these strange artifacts also appear in Photoshop.

Once I press the visibility of the Smart Filter and switch it on again (which triggers a recalculation in the background) these artifacts are gone.

The result after the switch on:

I am using the newest Photoshop (23.05) and Optics 2022.1.0.126 on a Mac Studio with an M1 Max Processor. Any idea how to render the image correctly without the workaround?

Best regards

@cgoeth It looks like there is some banding occurring as a result of the color corrections. Can you send me your image and Optics set-up file so I can take a look? The Optics setup file can be exported by using File > Save Setup in Optics.

I will send the files this evening (I am sitting in the CET)

Thanks for sending the files. I don’t see any banding on my machine.