Germany RLM Frage!

Ich habe mal eine Frage. ch hatte die Version von Boris Continuum 10 auf 2 Rechnern installiert. Laptop und PC. Alles war in Ordnung. Ich konnte unterwegs arbeiten und zu Hause. Nun habe ich die Version 11 gekauft. Habe sie auf meinem PC installiert und wollte dann die Software auf meinem Laptop installieren. Auf meinem Laptop hatte ich die Version 10 und Mocha Pro 5.2, Laptop startete nicht mehr richtig, also habe ich den neu gemacht. Danach konnte ich Mocha 5.2 nicht mehr Aktivieren. Mocha Pro 5.2 im August gerade gekauft. Wollte dann wenigstens Boris Continuum 11 installiern, aber ich bekomme die Version auf dem Laptop aktiviert. Hatte mich an den Support gewandt. Bekam nur ne Antwort, dass irgend ein Server geändert wurde RLM oder so. oder die Übersetzung ins Deutsch war falsch.

Auf jeden Fall würde ich gerne wieder auf meinen beiden Rechnern die Software nutzen wollen. Was mache ich Falsch?

Mein English ist nur Google!

And for those that would like to see this in English, here’s the Google translation :slight_smile:

I have a question. ch had the version of Boris Continuum 10 installed on 2 computers. Laptop and PC. Everything was in order. I could work on the road and at home. Now I bought version 11. I installed it on my PC and then wanted to install the software on my laptop. On my laptop I had the version 10 and Mocha Pro 5.2, laptop did not start properly, so I made the new one. After that, I could not activate Mocha 5.2 anymore. Mocha Pro 5.2 just bought in August. At least I wanted to install Boris Continuum 11, but I get the version activated on the laptop. I turned to the support. Just got an answer that any server was changed RLM or something. or the translation into German was wrong.

In any case, I would like to use again on my two computers the software. What am I doing wrong?

And in response, with Continuum 11 we changed our licensing models and now use RLM (Reprise License Manager) and when we made the change we made a decision to only offer a single activation per purchase so if you need to use the filters to render on another system you must purchase an additional license for that system. That said, you can still use the filters to performa setup work on any other system regardless of the license situation but it will render with a watermark until you add a new license for that system.

Okay, now I get it.

Okay, now I get it. but what about Mocha Pro 5.2, I had it both activated and because of that it doesn’t work anymore. Does the change also apply to Mocha Pro 5.2?

Well Mocha 5.2 still uses the old licensing mechanism so for now, the same old rules apply, which is that if you are on a float you will only have the number of activations that were purchased with the float but if you are on a node lock than you can activate on a desktop and laptop.