Get "post-stabilization" data to Ae

Hey people,

i have a drone-shot that i tracked and stabilized in Mocha. However, there is also a screen in the footage that is supposed to be replaced. Is there a direct way to get the screen-tracking data (corner pin) back to Ae with the stabilization also applied? It seems that i can only do one of two - either i export the stabilization data which i can then apply to the footage (works fine) or i can export the adjusted screen tracking data as a corner-pin which seems to “ignore” the stabilization data. Of course i could apply the stabilization, render it out and track the screen again - but i would assume there is a better practice for this? Thanks in advance!

You can either precomp the stabilized shot, move all attributes into the new composition, and track from there, or render and track. Be advised, the rendering option is faster.