Get rid of wiggle / jitter

Hey everyone, I have a question: I’m currently tracking ears and the track is quite good. My problem is that these ears are a bit jiggly / wiggle on a few frames, so the idea is to smooth them out only on about 5 frames and not being too much off from the original position. How can I achieve this? Basically get rid of jitter in aroud 5 frames so that it looks smooth

Have you looked at the Stabilize module in Mocha Pro. This has a “smooth” option where you can dial up or down the frequency of smoothness.


Hey Ross, thanks for the suggestion, yes I have. I can’t smooth it out too much as then it doesn’t match the original position anymore if you know what I mean? How do you normally export it to nuke and use it in nuke?

Hey, if you just want to export regular track data, but fix that 5 bad frames, you can try manually correcting them either using “Manual Track” mode, or in the AdjustTrack module.

And here’s the video that covers Nuke export options

But In case you want to export from the Stabilize module, the process would be relatively the same - there is a button called “Export Stabilized Tracking data”, just choose the corresponding Nuke option.

Yes saw these ones and tried them, I also tried to export a Spline warp. What do I put into nuke dropdown menu when I export the stabilised tracking data? stabilise again or just leave it to none?

If you export the data from Stabilize tab, you should set it to matchmove in Nuke. Because that data is already inverted to work as a stabilize

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