Getting Mocha Pro powermesh working Davinci Fusion panel

Sorry, to keep bringing this up. It has been weeks me trying to get this resolved asking so many people. The one comment to help me was referring me to a alembic mocha fusion tutorial which is not what I need. Since no tutorials anywhere on how to setup the simple nodes in Davinci Resolve fusion panel to get powermesh working then Iam thinking maybe someone could upload a screen shot of their node setup? Gosh that might be all I need. Iam getting pretty desperate. Thanks again if someone can help and sorry to keep being a pest :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I think the issue you’re referring to is related to still images and the Fusion PowerMesh Warp workflow.

To apply a “Stabilize: Warp” to an overlay in Fusion:

  1. Create a new image/clip node containing the overlay you want to warp over the
  2. Copy the Mocha Pro node that contains your tracked mesh data
  3. Paste the Mocha node again and then change the Source input to the overlay image
  4. In the plug-in interface, select “Stabilize: Warp” from the Module render dropdown.
  5. If required, turn on “Apply Matte” in the Plug-In to isolate the region
  6. Use a Merge to composite the warped overlay back on the source

Special notes for Fusion:

You need to make sure single-frame images or effects are read as the same length as your source footage or Mocha may not read the frames. Fusion always sends still images to Mocha as 1 frame instead of the full timeline.

You can get around this via a merge over the top of the original source footage and setting the merge up to only show the foreground.
This will then adopt the frames of the footage when you feed the merge into Mocha:

To view the matte masking out the render, you may need to set Premultiply Output
from “Auto” to “On”.

Currently, we’re working on a solution to avoid needing the secondary merge to make the still image match the frame length.

Thank You sooooooooooooooooooo MUCH!!! Been stressing over this for weeks now. This might be all I need. My dream of using powermesh in Davinci Resolve 17 might of come true. Thanks again :slight_smile:

I updated my image, because any time-based node between the still image and Mocha will force Fusion to make the frames match:

We should be able to avoid the extra node in future versions.