Getting rid of horizontal rolling flicker (caused by fluorescent lights)

Hello all,

I’ve filmed this hours-long interview (with no time for preparation or testing) many years ago, only to learn that it was plagued with a horizontal rolling flicker banding. To try and solve this nightmare, I’ve recently downloaded Continuum 11, and after trying all the different Flicker Fixer presets and adjust each of its parameters many times, I still couldn’t get rid of them. Any advice and help is appreciated!

P.S: I’ve linked a 5-second version of the clip.

I’ll have a look at it later today.

Alright, thanks!

OK, I had a look at it and played with a few parameters. I even compared it to Resolve’s Deflicker.
Sorry to have to tell you I didn’t succeed with either. Light frequency flicker is an awful thing to cure!

BTW, both filters are really slow on my machine. If it’s hours you have to treat, I’m afraid you’d be out of luck without a very fast machine anyway.

Thank you for taking the time to try that out. Outside of creating keyframed adjustment layers, is there anything else that can be done to make it better?

I’m afraid not, I tried the usual trick (2nd layer with 50% opacity and shifted by one frame) and it didn’t help.
I even gave Digital Anarchy Deflicker a try and it wasn’t any better.

Thank you so much for trying all of that. Much appreciated.