Getting started with MochaVR (for beginners)

What’s the best way to get started FROM SCRATCH with Mocha VR? I’m a 360 filmmaker who’s taken the plunge and bought a license to MochaVR because it can do amazing stuff. But how do I approach learning MochaVR from the perspective of someone who’s never used Mocha before? I’m not a VFX guy, or a compositor… I’m just a filmmaker who wants to use MochaVR to help me tell better stories in 360.



You probably want to start out with the basics of mocha: Boris FX | Videos

And then move to mocha VR to learn how it applies to VR: Boris FX | Videos

If you’re totally new to compositing and editing, you probably want to swing by Adobe’s tutorials and get some training:

Tutorial are a great place to start, then dive into your projects and learn as you go!


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