Glimmering around the edges of primatte


I’m using primatte to replace a green screen and can’t seem to stop the edges from glimmering (don’t know what else to call the artifacts) without winding up with a solid green spill that won’t go away without turning the edges red.

I slowed down the footage and can now see that the edges are disappearing and reappearing at such a fast rate it’s creating a glimmering effect. No matter how much I try to use the spill sponge or the matte sponge it won’t fix this glimmering effect… so far… Help!

I keep being told how great this product is, but so far I’ve yet to get a realistic looking result. Please help.

thank you;

Would you be able to post a frame of the source clip and save a project file or effect preset of the settings you are using so we can examine it? You can send it off-list directly to jclement at boris fx dot com or private message me through the forum.

Hi Jason;

one frame won’t show you what I’m talking about as it’s the difference in frames’ transparencies that’s creating the glimmering effect. Do you work for BorisFX? If so, can we set up a time where you can take a look in my computer and see what I see?


Yes, I work for Boris FX. I’ll send you a private message to arrange details.

I just did some tests and the color correction section didn’t seem to impact the matte at all. It would seem that could be quite a help, especially contrast and if it were possible to mask an area where the shade difference of the screen was large and be able to match it to the rest of the screen… before analyzing… that would help a lot :slight_smile: