Glint not mapping to background

need to make a quick glint effect and when i drop it on it just fills the entire screen statically rather than only on the highlights. adjusting threshold has no effect. am i missing something or could this be a system requirements issue? on a mojave imac pro in avid symphony 2019.12.

Have you tried restarting MC? Is this a new phenomenon, was it working correctly on that system in the past?

i have restarted and this effect has always given me problems. it seems to work on a co workers pc system and the editors i get sequences from have old legacy licenses it works on as well. when i get the legacy effects it doesn’t work here either. is it possibly not accessing the gpu?

You hit the nail on the head there - the Glint filter is totally GPU bound so it’ll require enough space on the video card to process the result. Seems like it could be that the video card is maxed out by the host or perhaps other apps. Have you tried closing out all other apps on that system to see if that helps?

i’m just running the avid. is there a setting or allocation i can adjust? my graphics card is a radeon pro vega 56 with 8 gigs of ram

i think i stumbled on the solution. i had to go into the fx browser/boris editor interface and hit apply then it woke up. thanks for your help!

Fantastic - I’m so glad to hear that you figured that out. Thanks for letting me know!