Glow node bug

Silhuette 2022.0.1
Any change in the Color Correct parameters of Glow Node, will cause the picture go black.
In other words for Glow to function, all Color Correct parameters have to be 0.

@georgedei Thank for pointing this out. We’ll fix this in the next point release which is coming soon.

In the meantime, you can use Film Stocks > Diffusion set to Add or Screen and use the color correct controls there.

Sorry I deleted my comment because i just realised i had the image plugged into a Composite node twice & it works/worked, or at least it seemed to in my novice eyes.

I’ve simplified it to show what i mean

It was more like this before & didn’t see the two strings attaching the image to the composite :man_facepalming:

Color Correct in the Glow node only seems work when the input image has alpha. This is related to the updated alpha support that was added. We will see if we can work around this.

Thanks, Color Correct 1 & S_UltraGlow work fine :+1:

Just to share tho, talking of alpha, if i add the AVi’s that will load or a .MOV file

I get this msg whenever i mode a node

I can’t reproduce that error. Does it happen after restarting Silhouette?

Hi, sorry for the late reply, I couldn’t reproduce it either, it might have been me clicking on too many things & undo’s just trying things out, I prob messed Silhouettes head up,